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Because of the natural texture and color as well as the excellent physical properties together with the elegant decorative effects, the stone products are among customers preferred and widely used in buildings, home decoration, works of art and home furnishing, in particular in the architonic decorations, Roman columns, fountains, archways, sculpture, mosaic and so on. Since the stone products create the grace and solemnity of architecture and stand for a higher status, they have won the hearts of customers and designers and consumption of them have increased also year by year.
In addition, the special-shaped natural stones with their artistic characteristics can create a classic and luxurious atmosphere. With the integration of the decorative household items such as sinks, flower pots, coffee tables, fireplaces and other things made of stone, the quality of life has also increased.
Samistone has professional machines and several years of experience of processing wash basin, therefore it is capable of producing  different sizes and finishes of wash basins according to the needs of customers. In addition, the strict quality control system from Samistone guarantees a high quality standards.


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