Columbarium Niche Wall Supplier China Headstone Monuments Manufacturer Black Grey Granite

  • 32 Niche Columbarium
  • Material: Georgia Grey, Shanxi Black
  • Style: Columbarium Wall
  • Surface: Polished all sides


Founded in 2009, Samistone is a factory focusing on products and processing technologies of stone materials, especially tombstones and monuments. Locating in Xiamen City, which is quite near to Huian and Shuitou—famous for their stone materials and stone carving arts, it became one of the largest stone producers in China.

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    3. Size customizable from 1 to 120 niches, fitting every garden and cemetery plans.
    4. Designing and planning services for projects.

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Also with drawing and 3D model rendering service meeting all your requirements.


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