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Life is full of both beauty and small surprises, such as the stone steps, when you take a walk. Do you know how the natural stone staircase is produced?

The first step is to cut blocks. Only the high quality stones are selected.

The second step is to treat the surface. The flamed surface is progressed by skilled workers. The surface is smooth and without angles and grooves.

The third step is to treat the edge. A natural edge treatment requires both an accurate estimation of the size and a good aesthetic taste. Our workers go deep into nature and understand the true meaning of nature so that they are able to create the natural stone steps.

The fourth step is quality Control. A professional QC team checks the size and surface of the products and is responsible for ensuring that each piece meets the standard.

The fifth step is package and delivery. Delivery of large quantity of products requires more control of details. The laying of each piece, the separation of each metal buckle and the covering of the packaging films are confirmed many times so that the goods arrive to the customers in good condition.

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