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Rain Cloud marble

With rich patterns of gray and white veins, the Rain Cloud marble can be a perfect decoration. The common patterns are such as “water waves”, “ water joins the sky”,…

Rain Cloud and Biasca mosaic tile

This is our high quality mosaic pattern — Rain Cloud and Biasca. A regular square with long hexagon edge is simple, unique and elegant. The gray lines stretch like freely…

Rain Cloud culture stone

That the original style and look of natural stones can be maintained, is one of the most attractive features of Rain Cloud culture stone. Besides, with the ingenious color tone…

Rain Cloud French pattern

Compared to the one-sized pattern, the French pattern brings more fun. Each size of it is independent, however, it may match perfectly with each other to form a harmonious whole…

the elegant Rain Cloud

Because of the gray and white veined lines, which look like ripples, the Rain Cloud marble is also called “the ripple stone”. As marble, the hardness of the material ensures…

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