Why Choose Blue Limestone?

Limestone pavers are extremely resilient and provide excellent wear and tear resistance for outdoor paving applications.

The high compressive strength and durability of Limestone make these pavers an excellent choice for structural work in commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Incredibly long-lasting, the practical assets of Limestone include its amazing ability to retain strength and colour under heavy and constant traffic and sun exposure while requiring low level maintenance. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is the most famous example of Limestone’s longevity.

Blue Limestone, otherwise known as Bluestone, is a dense and fine grained igneous rock that caters to a variety of applications due to its versatility as a paver.

While the durable and resilient qualities of Bluestone make this paver ideal for practicality, Sandblasted Blue Limestone is an ageless and aesthetically elegant choice for interior design.

The dark, harmonising tones of blue and grey are consistent throughout the stone while the sandblast finish ensures a smooth, clean surface.

The 30mm thickness of our Limestone pavers is also ideal for general use over a concrete slab in exterior applications, as the additional strength provided by the thicker stone resists movement in the substrate and provides a stable platform for vehicles in driveway applications.



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