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Blue limestone is a kind of natural marble which has a long history in China. Rich stone culture background was involved in it and can give blue limestone a high ornamental value. It is also popular with antique project for its effect of nature and simplicity.

We can see Blue limestone both in traditional Chinese Hui Style Architecture and the south of the Yangtze River Gardens. In modern life, blue limestone also widely used in building decoration. The main products are slabs, tiles, curbs which is often used in garden floor, landscape and some ancient building foundations. Besides, the advantage of no pollution and no radiation makes blue limestone more favored by our customer. And it usually made into the tabletop of dinning table in the living room or the cupboard.Moreover, through different surface finishes, blue limestone can be processed in different tiles like honed slabs, pavers, acid washing, flamed tiles, bush hummered, hammered granolithic finishes, square stones, steps, curbs etc. And samistone can perform various surface treatments according to customers’ requirements.

High quality of raw material reserve, Samistone has a stable supplement and timely delivery. Three quality inspection processes can 100% guarantee the quality,  Samistone has years’ experience in processing Cloudy Gray, knowing the market and we can seriously control the quality of products according to our customers’ requirements. W e can provide you with the most competitive prices.

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