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With rich patterns of gray and white veins, the Pencil Grey marble can be a perfect decoration. The common patterns are such as “water waves”, “ water joins the sky”, “mist-covered waters” and “violent waves”, and it is a ideal material for wall footing and floor in living room. Attribute to its gray and black water-like veined lines, it is also known as “the spray stone”. The ancient Chinese had found its supreme compressive stress and corrosion prevention, therefore, they used it as foundation stone or pier column and called it “stone of foundation”. The desktops, pier columns and floors, which were made of the Rain Cloud …marble, could feel cool and refreshing, even help people sober up, hence it was famous as the ” hangover – cure stone.”

The Pencil Gray is low-key yet elegant and is perfect for the wall and floor decoration in High-end places.

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